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Thursday, 31 January 2013 00:00

You’ve got a great website – let’s keep it that way!

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Some quick-fixes to keep your website smiling.

The great thing about websites is that you can always make them better. Add better content, better pictures, better information and maybe even better products to enhance your online presence and make sure you keep scoring high on search engine results.

And what better time to do it than the beginning of another year?

If you recently bought a BT website, our development team will have made sure your site is the best it can possibly be. And depending on the package you chose, your chats with a BT expert will be helping to make the most of that site.

But what can YOU do on a regular basis to spruce up your site and keep it sparkling? Remember, some BT sites come with a FREE redesign every two years, so the overall look of your site could be constantly evolving and never becoming stale.

The key to a continually successful site is to look at what your site is doing, saying and delivering – and finding ways to improve on it.

Read on to find out how…


When your site was launched, the content on your pages would have been as fresh as a daisy, informative and most of all CURRENT. But is it still relevant? Have there been changes to your business that customers might want to know about? Have you moved to larger premises, or opened up a new office? Whatever is new and current, let your customers know about it! New, well-written content on your website will improve your SEO/Google performance as search engines like regularly updated websites.


When was the last time you posted a picture on your website? If you have staff profiles for example, are the same members of staff still there?  Or are the pictures several years old? New colourful pictures will add some life to your website and give customers a good idea of what your business does.

Carried out some major work for a client? Why not share the pictures with potential customers? Tradesmen such as plumbers, builders and gardening specialists attract customers by showing examples of their professionalism. But it works for lots of other industries too.


If you manufacture products of your own, then this should be an easy one to answer. But is there any new product or service your business could sell? If there is, why is it not displayed on your website? Keeping up to date with the latest trends or developments is vital for any business and there could be recent developments in your industry that customers don’t know about. Don’t let people find out about them (and more importantly, buy them) elsewhere.  


If you don’t have video on your site, then why not consider it now? BT can add video content to your website package (add-on product at additional cost) if you don’t already have this feature. Customers enjoy demonstrations of products they want to buy, so get a camcorder and get cracking. It’s easy.


Have you changed any of your contact details lately? Sounds simple, basic and nobody ever forgets to update their phone number, right? Wrong. New mobile, changed your email address, moved location or added a new site to your business. Unless your business is supplying crystal balls to clairvoyants, how are they gonna know?  

Social media

Is your site integrated with social media yet? Are you making the most of the links from Facebook and Twitter to your site? The tips for keeping your website in shape also apply to your social media accounts.

Add pics, new content, videos and improves the engagement level with customers and attract more visits to your website.

Many of the tips for keeping your website in tip-top shape can be covered as part of the expert reviews included in website packages from BT. Follow them, and don’t forget to ask your BT expert for help and guidance with any aspect of routine website maintenance – including understanding your Google Analytics.


For more information on BT online products, visit our website, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

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Robin McEwen

Robin McEwen is Marketing Solutions' web content manager.

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